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What Does A Sappy Romantic Do When She’s Feeling Down?


Indulge in some sappy, romantic rock songs and a good romance novel. It felt good to read again, especially when it’s all about the happy, happy things.

Throw in a few demons, vampires, hot guys, smart and strong girls, some hot, hot sex, and I’ll pick it up. It’s been a while since I last read anything. I started a few books but never got any further than the first few chapters, so a romance novel is definitely a great way to get me back into the reading groove.

To add to the mood of romance novel reading, nothing like sappy, sappy songs in the background. No, not the Air Supply/Chicago kind of songs, though those are nice too, but the 80s Malay rock. Specifically this song:

Look at the clothes, the hair and OMG the kental-ness (lameness) of it all, but damn, the song really floats my boat. Ok, so it’s a break up song but I like it. So, indulge in your sappy side today. Who knows, it might make you feel better.

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4 thoughts on “What Does A Sappy Romantic Do When She’s Feeling Down?

  1. eh. u sappy… sap.haha. i miss reading!! i mean. i miss reading things that’s not news. lol.

  2. ala Chandler : “Can it *BE* any more kental??” Hehe!

  3. @daphne: Reading is good. Reading something not news is better.@moby: Everything in that era is so kental but it’s got it’s moments. Ah, such nostalgia those old rock songs.

  4. Ok so I you mentioned vampires and the such, and I kept expecting the title of said book, but you never did mention it… let me in on your secret???