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Ambitious Or Insane?


Sometime last week or early this week, a friend asked if I could run 10km because he was looking for marathon teammates. I told him that I can barely run 2.4km in under twenty minutes and running was not my favourite activity, so I was not a good choice for a team mate. Coincidentally, on the very same day that he asked, I read a post regarding the Great Eastern Women’s 10km Marathon and Sugarpants was talking about her marathon training. (That woman is an inspiration, I tell you.)

This got me thinking. Since I’ve been in this let’s-try-something-new phase, why not try for a marathon, right? It might help increase my stamina, tone my legs (or make it more manly, I’m not sure yet) and since I signed up for the weight fat loss competition programme, the training would be a good way to burn that fat. Yes, I do have fats even if you think I look skinny, but I digress.

The Great Eastern 10km Marathon is in October and as I’ve said earlier, I’m not a good runner. That means I need to train very hard for it. I’ve never run above 2.4km before, so that 10km would be a challenge. I don’t know if I’m disciplined enough for the training that I have to do but I’m game. I’m planning to start training next week so that hopefully by May, I can take part in the 5km Shape Run which I signed up for today. If I can complete the 5km without keeling over at the end of it, I think I would be ready for the 10km after a little bit more training.

So what do you think? Ambitious or insane?

BTW, I’m going swimming early tomorrow morning (and I get to check out the gym too. Woohoo!!!

(Will I ever stop using the parenthesis?)

(Maybe not.)

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7 thoughts on “Ambitious Or Insane?

  1. Hey Mint! Go for it! NOt that I will ever run 10km, but since you have friends asking you, I am sure you can make it..:)

  2. I think you’re giving yourself plenty of time. Besides, if you run two short runs and one long run every week (I run Tues, Thurs, Sat with Sat being the longer run) – you’ll build up your stamina. Just remember to eat properly and ice your shins, stretch, etc.Also, weight training is helping me – especially concentrating on one leg at a time – if your legs are strong individually, you’re more apt to recover gracefully if you fall/stumble.I have faith in you. You gotta find that faith within yourself. Best of luck!

  3. @hector: Thanks! Will try my best.@karen: Thank you for the tip and the faith. I’ll definitely try my best.

  4. You need to run to be able to run that 10 km run.

  5. @Anon: Agreed, therefore there will be much training before hand.

  6. way to go!i’m not much of a runner, either (in fact, hate it!). but i’ve signed up for two races as well during the next couple of months. just keep running regularly and make sure you stick to a schedule and build up your endurance! you can do it!

  7. Ambitious. After all other people have been able to do it.Now if that’s a 100km run that’s insane.