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Ambitious Or Insane?

Sometime last week or early this week, a friend asked if I could run 10km because he was looking for marathon teammates. I told him that I can barely run 2.4km in under twenty minutes and running was not my favourite activity, so I was not a good choice for a team mate. Coincidentally, on the very same day that he asked, I read a post regarding the Great Eastern Women’s 10km Marathon and Sugarpants was talking about her marathon training. (That woman is an inspiration, I tell you.)

This got me thinking. Since I’ve been in this let’s-try-something-new phase, why not try for a marathon, right? It might help increase my stamina, tone my legs (or make it more manly, I’m not sure yet) and since I signed up for the weight fat loss competition programme, the training would be a good way to burn that fat. Yes, I do have fats even if you think I look skinny, but I digress.

The Great Eastern 10km Marathon is in October and as I’ve said earlier, I’m not a good runner. That means I need to train very hard for it. I’ve never run above 2.4km before, so that 10km would be a challenge. I don’t know if I’m disciplined enough for the training that I have to do but I’m game. I’m planning to start training next week so that hopefully by May, I can take part in the 5km Shape Run which I signed up for today. If I can complete the 5km without keeling over at the end of it, I think I would be ready for the 10km after a little bit more training.

So what do you think? Ambitious or insane?

BTW, I’m going swimming early tomorrow morning (and I get to check out the gym too. Woohoo!!!

(Will I ever stop using the parenthesis?)

(Maybe not.)

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