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Yoga Pays Off


I’m not a very flexible person, especially my hamstring area, even when I was back in school. After years of not exercising, my muscles are tight and it’s damn uncomfortable when I’m stressed out, causing my muscles to tense up. On top of that, my balance was shot to hell. I could trip over my own feet even when I’m standing still.

So when they had the yoga classes very near the work place and at a very convenient time, I decided, what the heck, just go for it. When I started out, I can’t even do the sun salutation without getting winded and that was just the warm up. I can’t touch the floor when I bend forward because my hamstrings were too tight. My arms and legs would shake after holding the pose for even a few seconds.

It’s been two courses of yoga and I can tell you that I’ve improved. I can actually do the four-limbed staff pose during my sun salutation and I didn’t even collapse. In fact, it was rather easy. I think that I can even do the normal men’s style push ups. W00t! I can even do the one-legged king pigeon pose easily. Isn’t that cool?

Besides all the flexibility, some of the poses actually help in alleviating some of the cramps that comes with being a female. The best thing I like about yoga is the that it helps me calm down and it relaxes me at the end of the week. I’m not that into high impact exercise things, so yoga is the best for me.

Next time, I hope that I can do the headstand.

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2 thoughts on “Yoga Pays Off

  1. wahaha mintea talks like a yoga geek!=P

  2. @cc: Once a geek always a geek. 😉