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Giving Thanks For The Good Things I Have


Oratane does make you feel a little depressed. So to dispel the negativity going on in the brain, I want to give thanks for the things in my life.

I’m glad that my mother is well again. Even though that she still has another doctor’s appointment coming up, I’m praying and hoping that it’ll be clear and then I can finally breathe easier.

I’m glad for my sister, for the wonderful results that she got and her upcoming graduation.

I’m glad that my grand mother is still strong and relatively healthy for a woman who is nearing 90. She may not be as strong as she used to be but she’s still the cutest senior citizen I know.

I’m glad for his support and his presence in my life. I may get a little sappy every now and again but please just bear with it. My sappy moods make me happy.

I’m glad for the new additions to the family. Another two nephews on the way and I can’t wait to cuddle them.

I’m just glad.

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2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks For The Good Things I Have

  1. bless you and your family=)