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Battle Against Acne: (Almost) Two Weeks Later


It’s almost been two weeks since I started the isotretinoin treatment and I can already see the difference. My skin is less oily now, though my pores are still enlarged. Most of the inflammation has gone down too but I think that’s mostly because of the steroid jabs that the dermatologist gave me at the first session. I think that the topical antibiotics as well as the ones that I take orally, are also helping in reducing the number of acne too.

Other than the improvement to my skin, I’m also noticing the side effects of the treatment. My lips are now very dry and chapped. It is extremely uncomfortable but at least I’ve been rather vigilant with the lip balm so I hope that my lips won’t split because that would not only be annoying but very painful too.

I had been using Blistex Daily Lip conditioning but while it relieves the dryness, the little tub is a little too big to slip into my pocket (especially since I have already have so much junk in the pocket). So I switched to Sebamed Lip Defence. It’s small enough to slip into my pocket and with liberal application, my lips don’t hurt as much.

So overall, the meds seem to be working. I have an appointment with the dermatologist again at the end of the month for the next round of meds and also another round of blood work to check my cholesterol level as well as my liver function. Hopefully, everything is alright.

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6 thoughts on “Battle Against Acne: (Almost) Two Weeks Later

  1. One great lip moisturizer I used during my isotretinoin treatment was Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer.http://www.amazon.com/Neutrogena-Lip-Moisturizer-SPF-tube/dp/B000052WXMSmall, light and does the job

  2. @Kris: Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried that one before and it was good, just didn’t like the waxy taste it left on my lips.

  3. Woo min-tea….me too…i am currently taking oral med for my pimples and my lips are cracking too…I used the same lip balm as u (blistex) , and i tot its good…i apply a very thick layer each time i sleep hehehe and i heals fast. But of course H2O is still the remedy to heal our zits and lips 🙂

  4. @ Mr and Mrs Tootsie: I still use the Blistex one for night but in the day, it’s easier to use the stick one. Yup, drinking a lot of fluids help.

  5. Anyone tried the Diamond Herpanacine? I read fab reviews about it online. It’s available at GNC Singapore.

  6. As I posted in precious-living’s blog, forget the medication. I spent thousands on it throughout a few years and once you stop, it keeps coming back and the cycle continues. Cuz, medication only suppresses, it does not cure. Visit a beautician who KNOWS his/her stuff.CheersE