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Family That I Don’t Mind Spending Time With


My cousins and my siblings and I are close as we spent a lot of time together growing up when they came to visit the grandparents. It was fun having playmates roughly around the same age, to interact and fight with. As we grew older, most of us and especially me, started to drift away from the younger cousins because as a teenager, you didn’t want to hang around kids and play kiddy games right? It just wouldn’t be cool.

In recent years, as each of the younger cousins entered their teens and twenties, I found it easy once again, to get along with them. May be it’s just me finally looking past their childishness or just them maturing, what ever it is, I felt like it was back to the good old days, talking and laughing about everything and nothing. It was too bad that due to the demands of life, we couldn’t get together more often.

So today, when my cousins and I got together and had some free time, we went down for coffee and some catching up. It’s been a really long while since the last time we did something like that. So over our respective drinks and a muffin, we talked, laughed and just enjoyed each other’s company. It was fun, so I hope that we get to do that again sometime soon.

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4 thoughts on “Family That I Don’t Mind Spending Time With

  1. i know how it feels, i have a counsin who is in lower sec and i was like searching for common topic… what a gap!so in the end we gave up talking and went play basketball or took a ride.

  2. @cc: It’s ok. Just wait a few more years and you’ll have more things in common to talk about.

  3. I hate that as a kid it didn’t matter to me spending time with the brothers and cousins. Now as I am older and time becomes more relative, I just want that time back. I’m glad you got to spend quality time with them.

  4. @Petra: I try to spend time with them but I’m not sure if they think the same as I do.