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My LoTR Obession. Passion. Life. (Pt 2)

Back in 2006, I did a post on my obsession for Lord of The Rings. In the past few weeks, I’ve rediscovered the my love for it when I was listening to a Blind Guardian‘s song:

It made realise that I had yet to read The Hobbit in its entirety or even start on The Silmarillion. So re-started the urge for me to delve into Tolkien’s work again.

It took me two weeks or so to finish The Hobbit because I could only get time to read it while I was commuting to and from work. It wasn’t as dull, dry and uninteresting as I had originally thought. Although, that could be due to already having read The Lord of The Rings and experiencing the convoluted and complex way of Tolkien’s wording. I still had a some trouble reading the story because at some parts, my mind would start to wonder and I had to re-read that paragraph(s) again just understand what the words that I was reading actually meant.

In The Hobbit I found out where Sting and Glamdring, Bilbo’s and Gandalf’s swords, respectively, came from. We get to see how Bilbo discovered his love for adventure and how Bilbo and Gandalf became friends. Most importantly of all, I discovered how the One Ring came into Bilbo’s possession. The Lord of The Rings made more sense to me after I read The Hobbit.

Once I completed The Hobbit I moved on to The Silmarillion (that is, after reading a romance novel to prevent Middle-Earth overload). I found that this book was not only harder to read but also dry and very draggy. That was, until Morgoth came to steal the Silmarils. After that, it was almost back to back action, love, tragedy, betrayal and treachery all the way.

I’m actually still not done with the book but so far, it’s been great. Even though it got really confusing after all the name changes for almost all the characters, I enjoyed reading it. I loved that the book gave a history of Middle-Earth, albeit that some parts may not mash entirely with the LoTR books. I’ve got a little bit left of the book to read but I’m very sure that I’ll go on to read The Lord of The Rings (after another romance novel, of course) just so that I can get the almost complete picture of the story.

Now, I really, really want to get all of the Tolkien books. Talk about obsession huh?

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