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Middle-Earth, Why I Love It?


What’s there not to like?

Magical creatures, elves, hot men, evil lords, betrayal, treachery, love, sex, incest, oaths, curses, dwarves, dragons, war, battles, heart-wrenching sadness, death, magical thingymabob, friendship, enemies, gods, hobbits, Ents, orcs, weaponry, Eomer, Eowin, Nazgul, Glamdring, Aeglos, Sting, Shelob, Samwise.

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2 thoughts on “Middle-Earth, Why I Love It?

  1. lol “magical thingymabob”funny i should stumble on this post after watching the first movie’s extended version just last night. LOTR is FTW, for sure.

  2. @Nico: LOL. I was watching the extended version fo the first movie last night too! 🙂