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Productive Sunday


It’s rare that I actually have a productive Sunday since most of the time, Sundays are my lazy days; days I spend vegetating in front of the TV. Today, I decided to make some home-made spinach and ricotta cheese which, by the way, can be found at my other blog. It was tasty too. Though, I did cheat a little by adding a can of canned pasta sauce to the sauce because I like a lot of sauce to go with my pasta.

I’m glad that when I went to do grocery shopping for my ravioli, I wasn’t sidetracked by all the other sales that were at the mall. Actually, it wasn’t really because of self-control. More like I couldn’t find what I wanted. Well, at least I didn’t spend more than I should.

So anyway, since I’m doing this learn-how-to-cook-something-new thing, I think I should set aside my Sundays as my learn to cook days. So next up, rendang? What say you?

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2 thoughts on “Productive Sunday

  1. yes please, you inspire me to cook more and try different things. WE tend to cook the same menu of dishes over and over.

  2. @Plantgirl: I thought it would be nice to share my cooking experience with everyone since I realised that if I don’t learn how to cook them, I won’t be able to get them the way I like it (because I’m picky like that)