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Movies On A Dull Saturday

A dull Saturday could only be cured by watching a movie.

However, the movie, Jumper, didn’t blow me away. It just blows actually. The effects were cool, Hayden Christensen was gorgeous but the plot was just… meh. There wasn’t enough back story to satisfy my curiosity and imagination. On top of that, I didn’t even get to see Hayden Christensen naked! Gah! What’s the use of baiting me with a cute guy, only let me see only his topless self from the back? Sheesh!

Then of course, there’s the DVD purchases after the movie to tie me over until my Amazon delivery comes in. I got Out Of Time and Stardust. I’ve never seen either but anything with Denzel Washington would definitely be good. I read Stardust and wasn’t too impressed with the book since it was too short and not enough details in it. Though I heard that Robert De Niro could give Captain Jack Sparrow a run for his money on the gay scale. That in itself would make it worth watching. Although, I don’t think there’ll be any naked cute guys in these movies either. Hmmmm…

So how’s your Saturday been?

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