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Nude Mice Are Actually Nude!


Not that they don’t wear clothes (since mice don’t actually wear clothes in the first place and Mickey and Minnie don’t count). What I meant was that they’re hairless. Take a look:

So, what exactly are nude mice? According to Wikipedia and MedicineNet.com, nude mice are mutants that do not have a thymus, which is an organ that helps with the immune system. By not having a thymus, the mice are immuno-deficient, meaning that they can’t fight of infections. They get sick and die very easily.

I’ve never seen these up close until today and I can tell you that not only do they look pathetic, they can’t even be classified as cute; all naked and wrinkly. The last time I saw them, it was only from afar and that was many years ago. At that time, I thought that they looked like minute armadillos, so seeing them up close and personal, also handling them, I found them mildly disgusting but not to the point where I shiver in disgust every time I pick one up by the tail.

It’s sad that their lot in life is to be poked, prodded and done stuff to, all in the name of science. What if we could hear what it’s really like to be a nude mouse, straight from, well, the mouse’s mouth? Apparently, Science Creative Quarterly did an interview with a nude mouse to see what a nude mouse has to say about life and science.

Cool no?

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3 thoughts on “Nude Mice Are Actually Nude!

  1. … and you just hadda write this post when my ad is running…..:p

  2. @fox: Well, it just so happened that I was working with them today… 😀

  3. “Working with them” – Hmmm, doesn’t this kind of imply that they were willing participants? Surely you mean “Working on them”?I liked the idea of mice running the world as told in the series “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”. I mean to say that they may well do a better job!