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Dear Self,


What the hell is going on?!

In the past ten days, you’ve only had dinner on three days and you’ve refused to have dinner the rest of the six days. Are you trying to hurt/maim/kill me? You starting to have the early symptoms of gastric and yet you still refuse to eat. And don’t you blame it on the House dvds because this started way before those dvds arrived. There’s so much food in the house and you just refuse to eat. You’d rather go to sleep starving that to take a walk into the kitchen and eat something.

Also, what’s up with the panic attacks? I know that the panic attacks are just small, mild ones that no one notices but what if it gets worse? You need to do something about it. You better not have one tomorrow because poking yourself with a syringe full of cancer cells; not a good idea.

So please, please figure out what’s bothering you because if it doesn’t stop, this trend may end badly.

Worriedly yours,
Your Body

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3 thoughts on “Dear Self,

  1. At least eat something lah … biscuit … raisins …

  2. @rinaz: I finally managed to eat dinner today. I think I was too hungry to ignore my tummy any longer.

  3. Panic attacks -eGads!! I get those when I pay bills and I have a lovely prescription to take for it but I refuse to take it cuz I’m convinced it will label me crazy. And not eating? Wow -thats big. Not drinking would be bigger but thats a whole ‘nother issue altogether. Eat girl. And if you can’t decide what, go for an Oreo Blizzard – sinfully good those are!!!