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Vanity, Thy Name Is Expensive Torture


It’s been a while since I actually did something proactive about my egoistical need to look pretty even though no one else notices the way I look, so I decided to do a little torture pampering.

I started the day early with a session with my sister’s beautician. I have to say that it’s one of the best facial experience I’ve ever had. She had a gentle touch and she didn’t prod my skin mercilessly. In fact, she was really nice. The best part was that she didn’t charge us (my sister and I) too expensively since two of our aunts are partners in the small spa establishment. I’m actually looking forward to the next session in two weeks. (Yes, my skin is bad enough that it needs bi-weekly treatment).

Later in the day I decided to go for a haircut. Originally, I wasn’t planning to cut my hair until September as I was planning to keep it long. However, five months after my last haircut, the ends were dry and my hair was frizzy. My hair actually looks like straw. Well, actually no, I’m exaggerating but well, my hair isn’t as manageable as it used to be.

So I went in for a cut and some treatment done. In all, I spent two hours at the salon. Actually, the hair cut took all of fifteen minutes but it was the treatment that took so long. There was much waiting and I almost feel asleep from the waiting. The only things that kept me awake were the machines that they used to heat up my hair during the waiting time.

Alien-like heating contraption from mintea on Vimeo.

Hair Steam from mintea on Vimeo.

Interesting, no?

So anyway, now I look from this:

To this:

It’s not much of a difference but at least my hair doesn’t look so dry and unkempt.

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6 thoughts on “Vanity, Thy Name Is Expensive Torture

  1. Wooh! You’re on vimeo!After the alien contraption and the steaming, I’m sure your hair looks spectacular now :)Cutting of the hair can be such an uplifting event.

  2. @rinaz: I’ve been on vimeo for a while now actually, just never got around to uploading anything.About the hair, I don’t know if it looks great but at least it’s manageable.

  3. Those are pretty cool machines. I didn’t know hair salons had gotten so high tech.

  4. Well it would seem the spa I go to is a little out dated as the contraption you show looks NOTHING like what they use on me (altho with what I pay I am sure they could buy a few handfuls of those thingys.)And I’d have to say I like the new look – very sassy. Work it girl!

  5. Wow, that’s a clever idea filming those machines. I’ve never seen anything like it my my salon!Mind you I don’t go to often as it’s not something I particularly enjoy!

  6. Ahh … I used to think that those were hair suckers for bad kids ;D