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My Bubbles!


Remember back in the day when you were still a child, for twenty cents, you can get a small pink bottle that you can blow your own bubbles until your lips pucker up from the soap? I love those. It’s been years since we last had any bubble blowing toys in the house as my sisters are all grown up. That is until my dad received an elephant-shaped bottle of bubble liquid at the petrol station.

I’ve been playing with is at least once a day and now there’s only half a bottle of the soapy liquid left. It’s really fun and relaxing, blowing all the bubbles and watch them fly around the room. I especially love it when the fan is on and you get to see the way the air moves. My sisters think I’m strange but then, that’s normal.

Once I’ve finished the small bottle I’m going to get this:

You can actually get a carton that has half a dozen of these at Toys R Us. Can you imagine how many months of bubbles that would be? So much fun to be had.

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2 thoughts on “My Bubbles!

  1. Nothing wrong with acting like a kid. I hope I never completely grow up myself that I wouldn’t blow an occasional bubble myself.

  2. My dogs love chasing the bubbles the few times I have been able to humor them. I’m thinking its time for an encore………..