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Would You Think I’m Strange…

If I told you I love going to museums? I actually love learning about history, just that I hate studying it for exams. I never understood the need to remember the dates during exam because I thought that understanding why something happened and what could have been done to prevent a catastrophe was more important than any dates, but hey, I was a geography student; what do I know.

So anyway, back to them museums. There are a number of local museums that I’ve been meaning to go but just never got around to doing so.

1) Asian Civilisation Museum – I never knew that this museum existed until a few years ago. I was walking down Singapore River and there it was. According to the site, they have a gallery that houses about 2500 years of history of the region and that just made my inner budding historian sit up and drool over the prospect of looking and learning about the artefacts. A region that is as diverse as ours will definitely have more than enough info to blow my mind.

This weekend, they’re having a screening of movies by Yasmin Ahmad, one of my favourite directors. Even though I have all three movies in my video collection, I think that the even is a good opportunity to get to see her and hear what she has to say about her movies. I have to book seats for that even as soon as possible.

2) National Museum of Singapore – The last time I went to the National museum was back in 2001, before they did the whole upgrade/renovation thing. That was when they had an exhibition of nature artworks by William Farquhar. So you see, it’s been a long time since I went.

Currently, they’re doing a Greek classics exhibit and I love anything Greek, especially Greek mythology. They’re showing Jason & the Argonauts in March, so guess where I’ll be?

3) Singapore Art Museum – I’ve never been one who understands art that much but I wouldn’t turn down a chance to learn something new.

4) Singapore Philatelic Museum – Once upon a time, I had a stamp collection but that hobby only lasted two weeks because I lost interest in collecting the stamps. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like looking at stamps and anything related to stamps. Who wouldn’t love all those colourful little pieces of paper?

So, who’s up for a museum tour?

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