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Family Gatherings, You Can’t Get Out Of It Even If You Tried


I’m not sure about anyone else but family gatherings are something that I look forward to and yet, I dread at the same time. Let me tell you why.

In my family, gatherings like the one I had earlier today always involve loads of food. So many different kind of food that by the time everyone leaves, they’ll be filled to the gills and they even packed some of the food since there was so much left after the whole thing. It’s not a Malay family gathering without food enough to feed a whole village for a week.

An epic gathering usually happens when cousins come home for a visit. Especially when said cousins bring the newest addition to the family with them. When else are we going to meet the little tyke, since they’ll be moving to another continent next week. These gatherings are also great opportunity to catch up on the stuff going on in our lives.

However, the thing I hate most about family gatherings is that some nosy relatives think that just because their older, it gives them the right to say the following things:

1) “When’s your turn to get married?”

2) “I know this perfect guy for you. Are you interested?” (I was totally WTF! when that was asked.)

3) “You’re so old now, I think it’s time you get married.”

4) “Waaah! You’re so fat now!”

5) “You’ve been married for a while now and you’re not pregnant yet. Are you infertile?” (I wanted to punch that bitch for asking this to a family member.)

So you see why I hate family gatherings but at the same time look forward to it?

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6 thoughts on “Family Gatherings, You Can’t Get Out Of It Even If You Tried

  1. Oooh I hate nosy parkers who asks insensitive questions like that!!!

  2. Ah! The endless marriage questions. Why is our community so hung up on marriage ah?Thank god days of those questions are over for me! Hehe!! 😀

  3. @rinaz: I know! I don’t know why they think that it’s actually alright to ask insensitive questions like that.@moby: First it’s the marriage questions. Once you’re married, they ask you when you’re going to have kid. you have one, then they ask you when is the next one and the next one and the next one going to be. The vicious cycle of never ending questions!

  4. yah I always get it… “why u not yet married? very picky right?”I learnt the best answer to this is always “yeah I damn picky. Too fat cannot, too thin cannot, too poor cannot, must cook, must clean, must want to have more than 5 kids”That will stop them from saying “I will intro one to you”.MUAHAHAH!

  5. @fox: Hahahah! My family knows that I have a boyfriend but somehow, it doesn’t stop them from trying to introduce me to total strange guys.

  6. MAN I know what you mean. I hate all those questions too!!