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Just Another Day

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It’s just another day for me since I don’t do the Valentine’s Day thing.

I finally got to cook dinner for my cousin and her family. They’re back her for a week or two before the move to the other side of the world.

So we had beef in soy sauce (I’ll post the recipe soon) and everyone liked it. Too bad the beef was tough or it would have been better.

I got to meet my nephew who shares my birthday and he’s so cute! All chubby and oh, so delicious looking that I could eat him in one gulp. He’s still cute even if he did drool all over me. And then he cried.

I’m looking forward to the trip to the Night Safari, this weekend with my cousin and her family. It would be interesting. Nocturnal animals! Different from the zoo! Can’t wait.

So yeah, it’s just been another day for me.

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One thought on “Just Another Day

  1. uuggg kids?? That is why I have 4 dogs. Cheaper than kids and you can lock ’em outside without a cruelty charge!!! Altho I must confess, my great niece (Natalie Ann – her mom is a whopping 18) is actually so cute I could just eat her up… that is until she opens her mouth and that crying sound comes out….. Lordy do I love my dogs!