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7 Weird Things About Me

I was tagged by Savia for the following meme, though I think whittling the list down to to just seven might be a little hard. Here’s the rules:

7 random or weird things about yourself

The rules are as follows:
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1. I have a memory of an elephant when it comes to inane things. For example, I can tell you exactly what happened in a book that I read two or three years ago but important things (for my job that is) like how to do a simple gel filtration and such, I draw a blank.

2. I read the dictionary when I’m bored. ‘Nuff said.

3. I’m a slight pyromaniac when I was younger. I loved to play with fire; setting things aflame and just watch what happens. I nearly burned down the house once too but fortunately, I managed to put out the fire before it spread too far.

4. Due to my fear of dentists, I haven’t been to one in a decade years. Until yesterday, that is. So now my teeth are clean!

5. If I was to end up being locked in the mall, I would choose to be in a book store with a large variety of books. That way, I would at least have something to do while I wait for them to open the next morning.

6. I hate doing the ironing. Absolutely despise it but ironically, I’m anal about how my clothes are ironed so I end up re-ironing the ironed clothes.

7. I’m actually a neat freak. Not that you can tell from the state of my room or desk. I like things neat but I keep it messy so that people wouldn’t use my desk or room. In fact, in the chaos that is my room/desk, there’s an order that only I know. So seriously, don’t touch my stuff. You’ll just screw up my system.

So that’s it. I’m tagging the following people:

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