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Switching Facial Cleanser = Acne Breakouts. Dammit!


I switched facial cleanser recently and the breakouts that resulted from that change is horrendous. In hindsight, I guess it was really a silly thing to do to switch cleansers since the old one was working well. I switched from Deep Cleansing Seaweed Cleanser from The Body Shop to the Deep Cleansing Wash from Simple. It always takes at least 4 weeks for my skin to adapt to the new cleanser and during that time, I have hell of a lot of trouble trying to keep the breakouts at bay. The Deep Cleansing Mask from Simple may have also had some contribution to the sudden massive breakouts since you know, deep cleansing masks brings out the impurities from the skin which in turn causes acne. For me at least, not sure about other people though.

I also think that my diet lately has affected my skin. I haven’t been drinking enough good ol’ H-two-oh, just lots of tea and other caffeinated products. Too much salt, chocolates and various oily food (basically non-nutritious and healthy sustenance). I don’t think that my daily intake of one fruit a day actually helps since it’s a minute nectarine.

Anyway, I think it’s time that I actually get professional help with my skin. I don’t mean going to the doctor’s to get oral medication (even though I’ve done that before) since I don’t think it’s good to be so depended to something chemical. I mean that I should actually visit a beautician to help purge my skin. I can’t do the facial by myself. The lady that my sister goes to for her facial seems good and very affordable compared to The Body Shop one that I went to. I have an appointment in two weeks and I hope that the worst of the breakouts would have gone down by then.

I just want to have good skin. Is that so hard to ask for?

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6 thoughts on “Switching Facial Cleanser = Acne Breakouts. Dammit!

  1. Since I started drinking 1L of water a day, my skin is much better. I don’t get acne, but I do have oily skin. I don’t use any chemicals on it, other than ordinary soap. My hair seems better too since I started drinking more.

  2. @solomon: Drinking enough water is definitely great for the skin and the hair.

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  4. I had “adult acne” for about 6 years. GOD was I self conscientious! Went to a dermatologist – spent all kinds of cash on treatments that did now work. Come to find out, now 10 years later, I have several food allergies (among other allergies) that are the most to blame for my problem skin. I can only use Dermalogica products – expensive but well worth the expense not to be embarrassed to go outside or to try and hide my face with my hair. I feel your pain. Avoid fragrance and unnecessary dyes. Those are a killer for me. Feel free to email me if I can be of any help.

  5. I’m currently taking oral medications for my skin condition. Its just my hormones, it gets rampant. That I dont think that even facial cleanser can help.I also take vitamin supplements like B Complex and C for skin healing. It was only till I mentioned to the Doc that I also took Evening Primrose oil, that she said to avoid it as it can actually aggravate acne.I used to go to beauticians but I dont like them very much as they have this thing called “extraction” process which is so painful that I normally cry during my sessions …

  6. @ page: Thanks for the advice. At the moment, I’m trying to find products that don’t carry fragrances or even preservatives because I heard that it can aggravate the situation. It seems to be helping.@ rinaz: That’s the first time I’ve heard that EPO can actually worsen the skin condition. I take it religiously every day and it helps with my cramps. Skin, not so much, but then I don’t moisturise like I should. Maybe that’s a problem too.