Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Miss Grumpy McGrumpypants Cooks Lunch

Hi, I’m Grumpy McGrumpypants and I want to hit people. I want to hit people for talking too loud, for being stupid or even breathing into my personal space BUT I didn’t because I’m a good person that way. Even though, I really did want to inflict massive, unimaginable pain to the stupid people I had to encounter. Other than that, I’m all fine. Really, I am. What? You don’t believe me? Oh shut up and get out of my face before I hit you.

Anyway, I got to cook lunch today. Well, it’s more like my mum said, I’m not home today so you cook chicken rice for lunch. So I did and the recipe is here. Lunch was good. It wpuld have been better if I’d remember to add in salt for the soup. Hmm… I wonder if we need more chicken? Oh well.

I got to spend the whole day watching DVDs and not doing anything much. I would more than love to go back to sleep, or at least have some naps but with guests and everything, it’s hard to sleep.

I’m down to the last disc of House M.D. season 2. I might just put in the first season just for the hell of it.

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