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I Need More Movies


I just came back from watching Sweeney Todd with my sisters and it was good. Disturbing, but good. I loved the blood and gore and the way he murdered his victims but the singing. Gosh, the singing. It was like I was reading Lord of the Rings again, the part where Legolas was singing and singing and singing. Pages and pages of singing. I almost walked out of the theater if the singing lasted longer than it should.

Overall, it was a movie but I find it a little too disturbing to be added to my DVD collection.

Next movies to watch would be 27 Dresses and Jumper.

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6 thoughts on “I Need More Movies

  1. i’m excited about jumper, but for some reason, i keep expecting to see sam l. jackson say “get this motherfk’n jumper off my motherfk’n plane.” i guess that’s not going to happen, but at least he won’t be singing. i hope…

  2. @nico: I’m excited about Jumper too. It’s Anakin vs Mace Windu all over again. : )

  3. I haven’t seen the new Sweeny movie yet, but I need to. In high school music class we watched a video of the original Broadway production as part of an introduction to musical theater and opera. I love the soundtrack and dark tones.

  4. Is Sweeney Todd still showing? I haven’t found the time to see it. I cannot miss this Johnny Depp movie. *heart beats fast*I’m going to watch 27 Dresses this weekend. I’m uber excited. ^_^BTW, Hailie here. Just blog-hopping. 😉

  5. I watched both sweeney and 27 dresses yesterday. Packed full of Angmohs, the theatres were hahaha. Anyway, 27 dresses was really heartwarming and made me tear a couple of times (loser haha!). As for sweeney, I had the same sentiments as you. BF enjoyed it tremendously though since he’s a music/band junkie. Currently in search of the whole sound track lagi ada! *dies* But yeah, loved the show overall, but I love depp much more hehe.

  6. I can’t wait for Jumper – it looks awesome. Sweeney Todd does nothing to appeal to me which is odd when you consider my flavor for that type of movie. I think it’s partly due to Johnny Depp being a total weirdo. Since you mentioned the singing I can definitely say I probably won’t see it. I tried to watch the original on FearNet but turned it off after about 30 minutes. Just could not get into it all.If you have not seen Cloverfield and enjoy monster type movies, I highly recommend it. Very impressive for a Godzilla ripoff. I can’t wait for a sequel.