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What Does One Do When The Significant Other Leaves?


Catch a show, meet new people and go fondle some books.

My sisters and I gate crashed were invited the Complain Choir show at the Arts House on Saturday along with a few Pingsters; rinaz, chillycraps, NTT and nicole. It was a good performance and seriously, everyone should go and watch.

After the performance, we ended up at Geek Terminal. It was my first time meeting Ping.sg members and it was fun. They’re funny and fun people. I’m very, very glad that I got to meet up with them after all those months of interacting with them in the Shoutbox.

Then I tried out the coffee and my head exploded. The Pingsters let me try the coffee and then gave me a disclaimer. They said that once you’ve had coffee over there, no where else will match up. I seriously think that they’re right. The coffee wasn’t only amazing, it was pretty too. Pictures courtesy of NTT.

NTT’s Mocha

Sister’s mochacino

My lattee

Ain’t it pretty?!

After that, my sister and I went to fondle some books at Borders and Kinokuniya. It’s been a long while since the last time I went to a big bookstore and my hands were getting itchy from it. In the end I bought three books from Borders and another three books from Kinokuniya.

Books to read, amazing coffee and cool people. All in all, it was a great day for me.

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4 thoughts on “What Does One Do When The Significant Other Leaves?

  1. It was a lovely evening wasn’t it? Very nice to meet you and you sis and we hope to see you in more outings! 🙂

  2. I love the coffee pictures! They are very pretty 😉 Makes me want one and we just don’t have coffee shops like that around here.

  3. ummmm Coffee! I have ran out :(I am off to the library shortly so will fondle some books and have a coffee 🙂

  4. The coffee looks really good. Time to start up me cuisineart expresso machine.