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Thinking Of Changing Phones?

How about a Motorola Q9H? It’s a PDA phone that comes close to your PC, only smaller.

It’s pre-installed with a Windows Mobile 6.0, an interface that’s similar with the ones on your PC. With it, multi-tasking is made so much easier. You can IM your friends, surf the net, send and receive emails, edit documents and even update your blog; just like how you would at your normal computers.

With the QWERTY keyboard, wireless internet IE and the full screen HTML browsing, surfing and blogging is effortless. As long as you have wireless connection, you can surf and blog from anywhere, anytime. The pre-installed Windows Live Messenger, you can keep in contact with your pals so easily. You can even use your favourite emoticons too.

The phone also includes applications like Word-to-Go, PDF-to-Go and sheet-to-Go, so that you can edit your Word and Excel documents on easily while on the move and even read your PDF files too. On top of that, you can even consolidate and synchronize all your emails accounts for easy checking when you’re on the go. Cool right?

Of course too much work makes everyone dull so the makers have included Windows Media player, so that you can play music and video. With the 2.4 inch-wide screen and the dual stereo speakers (or even used with the Bluetooth stereo headphones), you get awesome sound quality and picture-perfect display in your hands. You can even capture memorable moments in your life with the 2 mega-pixel camera on it, and with the 2GB extendable memory, you get to store more important things too.

So overall, don’t you thing it’s an awesome phone? Wouldn’t you want one? I know I would.

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