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Why The AVP Franchise Wasn’t Great – Spoilers Included

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It’s all because of the humans. The damn humans in the movie fucked it all up. They should have just enough humans in the movie to be hosts for the Aliens and then let the Aliens kill the rest of them horribly, leaving the field open for the Predators and the Aliens to have a go at each other.

I came back from watching AVP2 and while it is better than the first one, once again, the humans screwed it up. Too many human stories, too many humans. Period. The only redeeming part of the humans being there were their horrible, gory deaths. No one was spared, men, women, children and even the pregnant women too.

I wished that they’d made it easier for us to differentiate between the Predator and the Predalien, because once in the dark, I can barely tell them apart, other than the fact that the Predalien had the spiked tail. Actually, the whole movie was dark and mostly seen through the Predator’s visor scan. This was a cop out because then, the movie makers wouldn’t have to come up with details for the victims and the various areas that the Predator went to.

The thing I did like was that they finally had a longer fight scene between the Predator and the Predalien. The battle scenes from the last movie were too short to make any impression. Though, it would have been better of the battle had ended with the Predator setting off the self-destruct bomb instead of the stupid humans dropping a nuclear bomb on the city. You see how the humans fucked up the whole movie? With all the over-acting and shit. Dammit, humans are just cattle for the Aliens. Leave it at that and it would have been so much better. How I miss Sigourney Weaver. At least she was a great actress.

So now, to console myself, I’m watching the original Predator movie just so that I can relive the glory that was the Predator series. Also, all I need to get now are Alien and Alien 3, and my Alien series will be complete.

PS: I don’t know why people are complaining that the monsters are ugly. Not all the aliens can to look like Kim Basinger in My Step-Mother Is An Alien or Natasha Henstridge in Species.

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One thought on “Why The AVP Franchise Wasn’t Great – Spoilers Included

  1. I totally agree here. If you’re going to have something as ridiculous as AvP, at least pull it off well, instead of spreading your focus.