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2007: My Life In Retrospect

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It’s the last day of the year but it feels like we were only celebrating the New Years just last week. How time flies?

It’s been a bumpy year with lots of ups and downs. Mostly downs but the ups were good enough to overshadow the downs when I needed them. Lets take a recap.

Late last year, we found out that my mum had breast cancer and she went through a mastectomy in early January this year. It was hard to see my mum, whom I’d thought was the strongest woman I know, to be bedridden and hobble almost everywhere. The chemotherapy was hard on her and to see the effects of it was hard on the rest of us. She lost weight, her hair and even her sense of taste, making it hard for her to regain the weight that she lost during treatment.

Well meaning relatives made it harder by giving unsolicited assvice, as if they knew exactly what we as a family were going through. It was a long, long journey and as of her last chemo session and scan, she’s as healthy as can be and I hope that she would be so for a very, very long time.

The unexpected death of a classmate that made me realise how short this life is, but the weddings I attended and the births of two wonderful boys also made me realise that life is not all about sadness and pain. It’s also about joy, happiness and hope.

This year also saw me purchasing my second computer in my adult life, my first Mac. I love using a Mac. When I was buying the Mac, they told me that once you change to a Mac, you’ll never go back; and their right! I look at all the other PCs and I don’t feel like I could ever go back to that system.

The best parts of the year were the significant other’s return for Eid, both of them. I hate the long distance but what can I do? So instead, I make sure that all the time that we spent/will spend together count.

I’ve decided not to make any resolutions early in the year but to instead, adapt to what ever the world throws at me and learn from my mistakes. I hope that 2008 would be a better year for me, be it in my personal life or professionally. I hope for lots of happiness, love, joy and much, much good luck for every one.

May the year be a good one for everyone.

Until next year….

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One thought on “2007: My Life In Retrospect

  1. Here’s to joy & hope in 2008.So glad your mother got through it all…