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Yup, I Signed Up With Adverlets


I’ve been blogging for a few years now and I thought that it’s about time that the blog actually does something for me; like make me a little money for starters.

After looking through all the different ad sites, I went with Advertlets.com. It wasn’t such a difficult choice to make since there are so many people on the blogosphere who have so many good things to say about them. If so many people say that they’re good, it’s bound to be good right?

From what I’ve seen through the site, what’s there not to like? They pay you in SGD via a cheque. Easy right? Also, I love the nice blue and green colour scheme. That was one of the reasons I decided to sign up with Advertlets.com.

On top of making money from blogging, other benefits of signing up with Adverlets.com are that you get to find out more about my blog readers. not only that, I’d get access to free website tools to upgrade my blog which would come in handy if I have the urge to one day code the site from scratch and lastly, I get to make more money through targeted advertising, you know, showing ads that are relevant to my readers.

Advertlets.com doesn’t just benefit the bloggers like me. They benefit the people who advertise with them too. If you want to advertise your products, Advertlets.com is the place to go. Since all the blogs that sign up with Advertlets.com are profiled, get to make sure that your adverts are reaching the right people. Cool huh?

So, I hope that with Advertlets.com, I not only get to make money so that could finally move to my own web hosting site thing, that is once I figure out how to do FTP with my Mac, I hope that the resources provided, I get to make my blog site better. Yeah, I finally added an advert to the blog. *points to the Adverlets.com ad on the side bar*


3 thoughts on “Yup, I Signed Up With Adverlets

  1. What was the name of that ad site again? Could you add the link?J/K – like your blog, good luck with the ads..

  2. Can you give us an update on how it goes? Because I’ve been debating about doing it too, but I’m still not sure.Good luck!

  3. Hi Mint~U’re right~ the link is plastered all over!