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Movie Review: National Treasure 2, Book Of Secrets

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Synopsis: On the day that the Gates family was to be honoured, new evidence was discovered, pointing their ancestor, Thomas Gates, as one of the conspirators in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. In the quest to clear his family name, Ben Gates, along with his girlfriend, his assistant and his parents found out the existence of The Book of Secrets, a book for presidents by presidents, that could help him in his quest.

What I Think: Meh… Just meh… The movie didn’t leave me with any lasting impressions. Sure there were good parts and funny parts but generally just mediocre. The plot was all right I guess, though I prefer the the plot from the first movie.

I hated that the bad guy in the movie wasn’t all that bad. It makes hating him rather hard and what’ the point of having a bad guy if you can’t hate him/her/it. Also, I think that Nicholas Cage’s hair looks like a dead animal. Bad wig job dude. The movie wasn’t really worth the $7 I paid for it.

The best part of the entire movie has got to be the free Coca Cola bear that I received with my popcorn combo. That says a lot doesn’t it?

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One thought on “Movie Review: National Treasure 2, Book Of Secrets

  1. I think its the same wig he usually has when he wants to show he has hair but he had his sideburns shaved which is what irked me just like when he was in Ghostrider.