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DVD Review: 25th Hour

Synopsis: Academy Award® nominee Edward Norton heads an amazing all-star cast in the critically acclaimed Spike Lee (Summer of Sam, Do The Right Thing) film 25th Hour.

In 24 short hours, Monty Brogan (Norton) goes to prison for seven long years. Once a king of Manhattan, Monty is about to say goodbye to the life he knew – a life that opened doors to New York’s swankiest clubs but also alienated him from the people closets to him. In his last day on the outside, Monty tries to reconnect with his father (Brian Cox, Bourne Identity), and gets together with two old friends, Jacob (Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Almost Famous) and Slaughtery (Barry Pepper, The Green Mile). And then there’s his girlfriend, Naturelle (Rosario Dawson, Men In Black II), who might (or might not) have been the one who tipped off the cops. Monty’s not sure of much these days, but with the time running our, there are choices to be as he struggles to redeem himself in the 25th hour. (From the back of the DVD cover)

What I Think Of It: A movie that touches on relationships between friends, lovers and one’s parents, and how strong those bonds are. How far would you go to help out your oldest friend, only child?

Edward Norton’s performance was amazing as usual. You could see every single emotion that Monty felt from his expressions, even if he was just sitting there and staring into space. The scene were he says a big FUCK YOU to New York and everyone in it was amazing. It wasn’t PC but it’s not meant to be and you could see that he (Monty) meant it.

There was a shot of Ground Zero from Slaughtery’s apartment and it was pretty intense. As much as you see pictures and videos of the site on the news, it’s still hard to see it in a movie, especially when it was mentioned in (what I think was) a nonchalant way.

This is a definitely recommended movie to watch if you’re in the mood for drama. If you cry easily at movies (like me) I recommend having tissues nearby.

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