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Death By Sushi And Chocolate


Too much of a good thing is always bad. Trust me on this. What happens when you have a party in the office where there’s an abundant of sushi and a wonderful chocolate fountain? You eat till you’re sick to the stomach and superbly bloated.

Fruits for dipping in chocolate: Green and red apples, strawberries and bananas


Ice cream log cake from Swensen’s, rocky road flavour

After much talking and preparation, the food was ready and everyone fell onto it like hungry hyenas, munching on the different sushi and clearing the nasal passages with the wasabi/soy mixture. After working our way through a tray of sushi, we shifted our attention to the chocolate fountain. It took is less than fifteen minutes to wipe out most of the fruits and the chocolate.

What’s left of the fruits and chocolate after we were done with it

What’s left of the sushi tray.

Other than the sushi and the fruits, we had marshmallows and biscuit sticks to go with the chocolate and chips to balance out the sweetness with the salts. We don’t to this very often so when we do, everyone gorges themselves with the goodies until they feel sick.

So here I am, feeling rather nauseous while uploading the pictures and the video I took earlier. I just hope that this will pass and I’ll be much better tomorrow.

P/S: Tip Of The Day: If going for a Brazilian waxing session, go for the hard wax. Even though it is slightly more expensive, it’s less painful. I think that it’s better to be able to walk around like nothing happened than to feel like you’ve been kicked in the groin.

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2 thoughts on “Death By Sushi And Chocolate

  1. this food looks soooo yummy…sushi and choclate – nice combination.

  2. I think the icecream cake looks the best! And nice tip on the brazillian… I’ve been thinking about getting it done…