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My Secret Dream


As much as I talk about furthering my education so that I would have better career advancement, I actually have a secret dream. Not many people know about it because when I speak of this secret dream of mine, it’s usually in jest and they don’t really think that I’m serious about being a stay at home mom domestic goddess queen.

I would gladly give up my career to be take charge of my hometemple and be adored and worshipped by my husband and kids subjects, who will shower me with gifts and sex love.

Of course that kind of worship doesn’t come free. There would be much housework rituals to perform. The maintenance of the house temple is important because a domestic goddess queen isn’t a domestic goddess queen without a beautiful, well maintained home.

Ok, so it’s a rather thankless job but I really like the idea of taking care of my family. You know, sending the husband off to work with a kiss and the kids off to school with their lunch boxes. Very much like the mothers you see on tv from the 60s. Very idealistic of me but of course, real life would be different.

The fact of the matter is that, I know what it’s like to have a maid at home and it’s not as wonderful as people make it out to be. I have my own system and I like being in control. Having someone else in the house doing the housework would take that control away from me and I hate that. At least when I do the housework, I know where everything is and I can sort of keep track of things. That way, I can make sure that no one touches my stuff and mess up my system of things. Besides, I would rather take care of the kids by myself then palm them off to someone else. That way, I can keep track of what they’re doing and learning. Control freak much?

I just hope that one day, this dream of mine will come true and I very much look forward to that day.

Though the question that needs to be ask is, does this dream of mine make me seem weak and worthless, to be dependent solely on a man for everything?

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2 thoughts on “My Secret Dream

  1. It doesn’t make you pathetic at all. Being a stay at home mom is the absolute hardest job out there, it just is, and a lot of people can’t hack it, or can’t afford to monetarily. It has it’s really tough days where you long to sit like a drone at a desk, but the good days, wow those can’t be beat by any promotion or corporate recognition. It just sucks that modern society has relegated wanting to take care of your family full time as a role for the weak, for those who can’t do anything else, that you are substandard if you want to do it. But then, who ever said following societal norms was something you were all about doing anyway? you have to follow your dreams, it’s the only way you’ll be truly happy. Screw what other people think or what they are telling you that you should think.

  2. i’d love to be a stay at home god.i just have to make some more subjects… ;-P