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Day #29: A Post Written During A Caffeine High

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Today was the second time I went to Starbucks this week for coffee. As I’m writing this, my hands are shaking and I have a mild headache from the grande espresso I had about an hour ago. Why would a normal tea drinker like me be spending so much time at an overpriced coffee shop drinking large cups of coffee so often? I’ll tell you why.

I’m actually trying to drown my sorrows in caffeine. I’m not depressed about anything, just that since I finished my NaNoWriMo novel, I’ve been trying to relive my writing high the only way I know, by having caffeine shots. Throughout the months of writing, I sustained myself with caffeine and sheer will power because I couldn’t eat and write at the same time. It takes too much of my focus away from the writing, so I didn’t eat. Or ate very, very little or too fast to even taste to food just so that I could go back to the writing as soon as possible. I miss it. I never thought that I would but I do, I really do.

I’m actually thinking of joining Script Frenzy next year. Though that thought most probably arrived right after I came crashing down from my writing high. Seriously, I don’t have anything to look forward to when I come home. It feels so strange not to be thinking about where the story will go next and how I’m going to reach the next level in the word count. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was feeling lost.

Oh well…

P/S: Does anyone else realise how this post doesn’t really make sense? I love me some caffeine, especially before bed.

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