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Day #22: 100 List, Redux

I was about to do a 10 Things You Never Knew About Me list when I realised that I’d done it before, early on in the beginning of this blog. As no one would actually take the time to go through my archives, I’d decided to bring the list here. Comments in italics are things that have changed since the time I did the list.:

1. At the age of 24, I still watch cartoons when I have the time. (I did this early last year, so I was still 24 back then. By the way, I still watch cartoons now too.)

2. I like Spongebob, Danny Phantom, anime, the old Warner Bros. cartoons.

3. I like to collect mugs because they come in so many different shapes, colours and sizes. I have 3 from the Starbucks city collection (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bali), 1 from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and a few from the different companies that sell stuff to my lab.

4. Colourful underwear always makes me happy. Everyone should wear colourful underwear. 😉

5. Music and books are the most important things to me besides my loved ones since they provide me with a source of escape from the trials and tribulations of life.

6. I have an eclectic taste in music. I listen to almost everything but with different degrees of tolerance. Currently, I’m listening to a lot more pop. I went through the rock & roll, heavy metal, dance and retro phase. I’ll probably do a rotation of my music genres in a few months. (I’m on my Eric Clapton phase right now.)

7. The books I read are usually in the romance, sci-fi/fantasy and horror genre. Once in a while, I’d venture out to general fiction and thrillers but not that often. (Since then, I’ve read chef autobiographies and I love them!)

8. I used to go to the library almost every week since I usually finish all the books I’d borrowed in under a week. I stopped going to the library after I realised that I’ve read almost all the books by all the authors that I read and that it’s hard to actually get the books at the libraries since people never put the books back to where their supposed to be.

9. To say that I’m a CSI fan would be an understatement. I’m an addict! I can’t have enough of Nick Stokes, Greg Sanders, Warrick Brown, Sara Sidle, Gil Grissom, Horatio Caine!!!! them. I don’t like Catherine Willows that much so she’s not in my list. (This was before I discovered Supernatural.)

10. I would love to be a forensic scientist, if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t stomach dead bodies in the various stages of decomposition and the gallons of blood. I’m more of a lab person than a field work kind of gal.

11. I’ve never gotten flowers from a guy before. All the flowers I’ve gotten were from my female friends. They were pretty roses too. (Lilies or tuber roses please, if anyone is planning to give me flowers. Roses are just cliched.)

12. I like to write and want to be a writer but I don’t have the discipline and drive to stick through it. Not only that, I’ve been plagued by writer’s block since November. (NaNoWriMo madness!)

13. I want to be a scientist for the love of science; to do science for the sake of science and not for getting as many publications as possible before I die. I wish people can understand that since you don’t really make money in research anyway.

14. I don’t have a drivers’ license since it’s took expensive to do it here but then, I don’t think I have the patience for rude people on the road. I don’t want to go to jail for road rage. (Hur hur. I signed up for it but have yet to finish.)

15. My friends say that I have a dirty mind. You tell sex jokes and make innuendos for one day and you’re labelled forever.

16. I listen to more English than Malay songs because they don’t write songs like they used to.

17. As much as I love being bilingual, I can’t speak either language without mentally translating it into the other. That’s why it takes me a while to say certain words because I’m not sure which to use some times.

18. I used to play the trumpet in the band and when I quit, it was like cutting away a part of me with a blunt knife but I had to leave since I couldn’t stand the new instructor and he took away what joy I had for practice. I still dream about playing in the band some nights and I wake up crying. I’m such a band geek.

19. I tried to learn how to play the guitar but I never got further than a few chords since I don’t have the patience or company to learn it. It’s not the same as playing in the band.

20. I hope to be able to pick the guitar up again some day and be able to play it competently and play in a band again.

21. I hate swimming in the sea/lake/large bodies of water as I have this fear that there might be sharks/large fish/crocs that might bite/eat me.

22. After watching on TV about how a croc ended up in a swimming pool after a flood, I can’t swim in a pool without making a thorough inspection of the pool to make certain that there aren’t any animals, especially crocodiles, in it.

23. The amount of books that I own can almost rival a small bookshop. If there was a fire in my house, my room would be the first to go.

24. On the average, I buy about 2 – 3 CDs and DVDs a month since I started working. After all these years, I’ve lost track of how many of each that I have. I don’t even remember what titles I have.

25. I can’t count very well. I keep trying to number the list wrongly.

26. It’s only been 26 points and I’m already tired. Sigh….

27. My enthusiasm for hobbies are usually half-baked. I lose interest very fast.

28. I love dangling earrings. I don’t care if they’re out of fashion. I like the feel of their weight on my ear lobes and the way they swing when I walk.

29. I need to stop by almost every single music and book store that I come across, just so that I can look at the titles they have.

30. I’m find musicians sexy. eg. John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Eric Clapton, the swimmer guy I liked in school, island boy.I haven’t referred to The Significant Other as island boy in ages. He doesn’t like it when I do that.)

31. I think that all babies are cute but some are cuter than others. Cute babies make me want bite their cheeks and gnaw at their limbs.

32. I love horror movies but I can’t watch one without having something to cover my face in case of emergency. I don’t like gore that much though. After watching the remake of Texas Chain Saw, I’m staying away from any horror movie that’s rated R21.

33. Once when I was 6, I tried to teach a rampaging psycho rooster a lesson for frightening people. I stepped out of the house with a stick, ready to give it a whack but before I could raise the pathetic excuse of a stick, the rooster charged at me and chased me back into the house. I had fever the next day from shock.

34. Sometimes I wish that I can talk to animals, just so that life would be more interesting.

35. One of my favourite accomplishments was to finally able to donate blood. I’ve waited 8 years for my weight to reach 45kg and last month, I donate for the first time. It was a little scary but I didn’t really hurt and I’ve got an orange-shaped stress ball and a needle scar to show for it. I can’t wait for June/July to donate again. (I’ve donated a few more times since then and I have a nice collection of stress balls too)

36. I think that the Lord of The Rings movies are the best movies ever made but the books were such a bore. Though, not as boring as The Chronicles of Narnia.

37. My real name means the light of gentleness or fine light but those who know me find it a joke since I’m not fine or gentle. Sometimes anyway.

38. The thing I regretted most when I was in Australia was not travelling to different parts of WA. I hope to go back there one day and do some major travelling.

39. If given a chance, I want to move to New Zealand because I think that it’s a nice place to live; beautiful scenery, cute and cuddly sheep, and that the LoTR movies were shot there.

40. I love clay-mation and animated sheep as they are cute and makes me want to hug them.

41. I have two sisters who are 7 and 9 years younger. They are make me want to strangle them half the time but I still love them anyway. I just wish they’d stop wearing my clothes though.

42. When travelling in Malaysia, the power lines never fail to remind me of the Ultraman episodes of old. He would be tripping over those power lines as he fights the monsters through Tokyo.

43. Smoking makes my gums bleed. Even after quitting for so long, just thinking about it makes my gums ache but there are days when all I want is a cup of coffee, a good book and a pack of cigarettes.

44. Milk should taste like milk not like chocolate strawberry or even honeydew. *pukes*

45. I have an on going war against acne. Most days I succeed but it’s that one week in a month that is the hardest.(Damn you acne! Why won’t you leave me a lone!)

46. When I removed my tonsils three years back, I lost 5kg as I couldn’t have any solid food for a week. I lived on MILO and jelly during that time. It was hard but it didn’t make me love MILO any less.

47. As a child, I wanted to be a doctor, a teacher or even a technician like my mum. Now, I can’t decide if I want to be a scientist or a writer. Can I be both even though I’m not that great at being either.

48. The best kind stories are those with smart, witty dialogue, strong female characters and male characters who may not necessarily be all that smart. And of course sex. Lots and lots of sex. (Sounds exactly like the characters from all my stories)

49. When we went to visit my uncles in Kelantan when I was 4, my parents took me to the beach. It was during the monsoon season and the waves were strong. Even though my parents said not to play near the water, I couldn’t resist (because I was such a stubborn child and all that). The waves were so strong that they pulled me into the water. Fortunately my dad was there to pick me up but I lost a slipper that day. I still mourn the lost of that slipper to this day.

50. Half way there…. Whew!

51. Why would the hospital give me tablets when they knew I had just had tonsillectomy and I couldn’t swallow anything harder than water? That still puzzles me to this day.

52. Out of all of Winnie the Pooh’s friends, I like Eeyore the best. He’s so sad and melancholy all of the time. A lot like me in my teens. Though he didn’t have the violent temper like I did.

53. I can be the biggest lab bitch anyone has ever known, especially when things are not placed back to their original spot or things are not done the way I want them to. To rectify this, I try to stay out of the lab as much as possible, going in only when I have to.

54. Stupid people make me angry and want to do bodily harm to them.

55. I’m a serial cactus killer because I can’t seem to remember to water them at all. It’ll be months and months before I remember that I have plants to take care of.

56. The only kinds of chocolate I love are dark chocolate and the ones with nuts. Dark chocolate with nuts are the BOMB!

57. This is hard……

58. I was the only one out of all of my friends who didn’t gain weight when I was in Australia. Having to eat my own cooking does that to me. I don’t cook so good.(Now I cook awesomely! Or at least I’d like to think so.)

59. Though I do bake somewhat good. I barter my cookies for free photography sessions and other stuff with my cousins.

60. I have strange cravings, like sausages, chicken and meat at random times of the month. My friends think I’m strange.

61. I used to love fan fiction with Harry Potter being my ultimate fandom and Draco/Ginny being my OTP(one true pairing). Over the years, the quality at FF.net had gone down so much that I lost interest and will only read fics that recommended. (What a snob right? ;)) (I’ve stopped reading fanfiction totally after the last sixth Harry Potter book. I Just could not stomach any of it anymore)

62. I’ve finally lost interest in the HP fandom and discovered a new one, CSI! Specifically Nick Stokes/Sara Sidle or Snickers fandom. (I don’t read those fanfiction anymore either. Stupid CBS people destroying my ship.)

63. When I start reading, I get lost in my own world so most of the time I won’t pay attention to anything else. I managed to miss my train stop twice so far this year.

64. I’m absolutely terrified of dogs, no matter what the size, even though I was never bitten by one.

65. What else can I talk about……

66. If I was going to be locked in a building overnight, I want it to be in a library (or a book store). At least they have more than enough books to keep my occupied until the re-open and find me the next day.

67. The most treasured thing I’ve ever received for my birthday is the ring that the boy gave me two years back. I can’t wear it on my fingers since it gets in the way when I’m the lab so, I wear on a chain around my neck instead.

68. The other birthday present that I really, really like is the stuffed toy sheep that my aunt gave me for my 9th birthday. I know it’s somewhere in the house, most probably in the black hole that is the store room. I’ll find it again one day but for now, I’m happy with my stuffed Eeyore on my bed.

69. Sixty-nine. Such an interesting number. *wink wink nudge nudge* (And I asked why people say that I have a dirty mind.)

70. I never used to wear skirts at all until I started dating at the age of 20. Even then, it took me another three years before I actually went out and bought more than one skirt. I don’t wear them often, only on special occasions.

71. I learned how to put on eyeliner from my 18 year-old sister.

72. She taught me how to put on my eyeshadow too. (Now, my eyeshadow collection can rival Mac’s.)

73. I’m a pharmacy store junky.

74. My mum’s chicken rice is the best I’ve ever tasted. (Until I had the one at Tanglin Halt, that is.)

75. I learned how to crochet just so that I can make baby blankets for my pregnant friends. They’re not the best in the world but my friends seem to appreciate it.

76. My pinky toes on both feet are much shorter than the rest of the toes, making it look like it overlaps on the second last toe. My sisters like to make fun of me but they stopped after I thumped them on the head.

77. I can spend the whole day watching Card Captor Sakura over and over again. (Which I don’t any more because who has the time?)

78. I can do the same with CSI, LoTR and Star Wars. (See above point)

79. The earliest memories I have were of staying at my grandparents’ house in the village, before the urbanisation of Singapore. I would follow my grandmum to the pen to feed her chickens and her ducks. It was a novel experience, then and now. I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to do that again.

80. Twenty more to go…..

81. This is really taking a long time huh?

82. If I was to get a tattoo (not that I ever will but if), I would get a dragon, curled up in sleep, on the shoulder blade and another dragon on the hip bone. Unlike other girls, I prefer dragons to butterflies.

83. My all time favourite song is More Than Words by Extreme. I hope to have it played at my wedding one day.

84. I’m a closet Britney Spears fan. Oh wait, I’m not in the closet anymore. (That was before she screwed up her life but her songs are still ear worms for me.)

85. Biostatistics isn’t my strong point and it’s just my luck to get a job that requires me to understand all the different statistical data (which I still have yet to manage).

86. I think that a woman can never have too many shoes, clothes, bags and makeup. You never know when you might need a certain combination for a special occasion.

87. I’ve been wearing glasses since the age of 9.

88. I’ve always wanted a pet cat. It will be a black cat with green eyes and a white patch of fur on it’s chest.

89. I find the words penis and testicles absolutely hilarious. I don’t know why but every time anyone says them, I have this insane urge to giggle.

90. Why do people always shorten the word testimony to testi? This always reminds me of testicles and it makes me giggle like a loony person.

91. The best oatmeal I’ve ever had was when I was in hospital after my tonsil surgery. Too bad I couldn’t finish it because I couldn’t swallow very well. It was tasty.

92. I know that I dream every night while I sleep but most of the time, I can’t remember what I’d dreamt.

93. As a student way back when, I would stop by the bookshop every damn day just so I could lust after all the wonderful stationeries on sale.

94. It was during one of these trips that I found one of my favourite books, Redemption of Althulus by David and Leigh Eddings.

95. I only managed to read it a year later when I found it in the library. Now I read it at least once a year and I never get tired of it. (And that is why I named my Macbook Althulus)

96. I’ve taken to drinking milk everyday so that I can maintain my weight at at least 45kg. This way, I can always donate blood. (Don’t drink milk anymore. Too much hassle and the taste that it leaves in your mouth…)

97. I never used to get dizzy when I stand at high up places or at the ledge until quite recently. I don’t know what happened to change me so.

98. I think that pizza is not only a balanced meal but it is also a whole food group on it’s own and should have it’s own place in the food pyramid.

99. Almost done now….

100. I like fish. Preferably barbecued or fried and slathered with chilli.

So of you still here after reading that list, congratulations! I’m still not done yet.

I’d asked a few people, if they could have tea with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and what would they talk about. The answers range from Che Guevara, Brad Pitt, Martha Stewart, God and their late grandmother. Me personally, I’d like to have tea with Adolf Hitler and Ghandi, closely followed by Jensen Ackles. Actually, scratch that. Gimme Jensen Ackles and you can have the tea, Hitler and Ghandi. All I want is some time alone with his Hotness.

Before you say that I’m obsessed, I’m not. I just think intensely.

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