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Day #18: Writing Sunday

Having a speed dating event at our normal write in venue really screwed things up but fortunately, Mother Mod opened her house to us writers, so that’s where we spent the day. Also, it’s the the 17th November Write-Thon for the San Francisco NaNoWriMo Chapter, so we decided to have a write-thon of our own.

I think we had the most number of people attending a write-in today. We had people in the living room and the study room upstairs. Everyone was fighting for power point plugs. Then, there was the food. We had everything that every writer needed; donuts, pizza, sushi, hot dogs and endless supply of soda. It’s a good thing that I’ll be going to the gym tomorrow. If I was to have that every day in November, I would be fat by the end of the month, but I digress.

Even though it was supposed to be a write-thon, I wasn’t as productive as I wanted. I spent half the time there eating, staring out into the garden, staring into space and walking around. I only managed about 2k words in the time I was there but that’s ok, I should writer more after this.

PS: You internets are so totally not helpful with the random question thing. Sheesh!

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