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Day #15: To The Hot TV Men In My Life


Dear Nick,

You had me at that first shirtless shot of you in season one. You were absolutely sexy. We’ve been through a lot together; through your first kidnapping in that second season, having a gun pointed at your head a few times, having the murder of that woman pinned on you, through all the horrible hairdos and facial hair mistakes, and all those times I went into withdrawal when the season ended I had yet to receive the next season on DVD. When you were kidnapped in that final two episodes of season five, it was very difficult for me to watch you in that ordeal. It was almost as hard as watching that moustache on you, but I digress.

We’ve been together for so long, so it’s hard for me to break this to you. I’m sorry to tell you that you are no longer number one in my Hottest Men On TV list. Your place of honour has gone to someone else; someone who is totally different from you. Please don’t think that you’re no longer hot, because you are. He’s just hotter. I’m sorry.


* * *

Dear Dean,

Even though we’ve only known each other for two seasons, you’ve managed to push yourself to the number one spot in my Hottest Men On TV list and I love you. You had me sitting up straight and pay attention to you since the very first episode of Supernatural, when you were caked in mud. To still be sexy even when you’re covered in drying mud is a very big accomplishment in my book

With your rugged, boyish charm and your sexy smile, how could I resist? And your car, it’s just sex on wheels. It’s the sexiest piece of machinery I’ve ever seen on TV ever. Every single shirtless shot of you, and sometimes your brother, have been played and re-played so often that it might have scratched the DVD. All that ‘warrior training’ that your father did with your and your brother seemed to pay off very well.

I know that these two seasons have been hard on you. You know, with the death of your parents, your dad exchanging his life for yours, having to kill that poor girl just because she was a werewolf, and seeing your brother killed in front of you. If you ever need a shoulder boobs to cry on, I’ll always be here. Just try not to get yourself or your brother killed. Again.

Much, much love,

* * *

Dear Flack,

I think you’re hot. I just can’t bring myself to call you by your first name because we barely know each other. Yes, it’s been two season of CSI:NY but I rarely get to see you in action. The only time I got to see you shirtless was in the last episode of season two but that was not the best way since you were in hospital and they just patched up your chest and abdomen from the flying shrapnel. Maybe in the following seasons, I would be able to see more or you shirtless preferably. I hope that the bomb blast didn’t leave you with any long lasting disability.


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3 thoughts on “Day #15: To The Hot TV Men In My Life

  1. I have always loved Jensen Ackles. Dean is a good choice!

  2. Mmmm Dean… But who is this Nick you speak of?

  3. Nick is actually Nick Stokes from CSI Vegas. The original hottie on my list. Yum. 😉