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Day #12 Part Deux: Wrimo Update!

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Do I get a prize for posting twice in a day for NaBloPoMo?

The weekend, had been really productive with all the writing I’ve been doing. Just over the weekend, I wrote of 8998 words and today, I finally caught up with the word count. If I maintain writing 1667 words for the rest of the month, I should be able to reach 50k just before the deadline.

Anyway, I want to bring your attention to the NaNoWriMo badge on the left side bar. Clicking on it brings you to the nanowrimo site where I’d posted an excerpt of my novel. I do have to tell you that it’s in it’s roughest form, totally not edited so be kind if you’re leaving comments. Thank you.

Carry on.

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One thought on “Day #12 Part Deux: Wrimo Update!

  1. If you’re really doing the write a novel in a month month, KEEP IT UP and GREAT WORK.Yes, the caps were necessary. I’m all up and admiring your drive.I’m doing the nablopomo myself and I maintain a writing site, but I am not doing the book in a month. Maybe next year.Jeffhttp://bowlofcheese.comhttp://jeffcutler.com