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NaBloPoMo Day #8: Catching Up

The hectic week that I’ve had totally threw my blog reading schedule out of whack. On a normal day, I would start my work day with a good cup of tea, email checking and reading of blogs. With all the activities I’ve had this past week, I couldn’t catch up on my reading and when I checked my Google reader today, there’s like a total of 113 posts, waiting for me to read them.

I finally managed to catch up on them but I cheated. I skimmed through most of them and only picking a few of the posts to read. Who has the time to read every single post like that when I still have so much more to write of the NaNovel.

Here’s the stats so far:

Chapters : 5

Total Words (as of right now): 7616

Total Number of Pages: 21

Characters killed: 1

Sex scenes: 2

Everyone who knows about the novel keeps asking me how it’s going. It would go a lot faster if you’d just stop asking me about it and let me write the damn thing! Sheesh!

Also, I’ve been watching Supernatural again since Dean is so fucking sexy. I dare you to say that he’s not.

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