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No, I didn’t misspell it. According to wikipedia, Helloween is a German power/speed metal band. Official site is here.

To me, they’re the first metal band that The Significant Other introduced to me early on in our relationship. Back then, the only thing I listened to was what ever was on the radio and especially, boy bands. Yes, I admit it. I listened to boy bands but I came to my sense soon enough. Or more like I was given something better to listen to.

It was a nice Saturday afternoon, we were sitting by the beach when he said that he wanted me to listen to something. I was initially reluctant to try listening to it due to the fact that the media had done an awesome job of brainwashing us into thinking that heavy metal is loud, uncouth and not for normal people. The only thing they got right was that it was loud but then, that’s the best volume to listen to it for maximum enjoyment. Anyway, it turned out to be a silly little song called Rise and Fall, from the Keepers of The Seven Keys, Pt2 album. He let me listen to the rest of the album and I was hooked.

It wasn’t too heavy but with the perfect pace and it wasn’t like anything I’d listened to before. It was amazing! He gave me the Keepers of The Seven Keys, Pt 1 and before long, my collection of the band’s discography started growing. I have The Dark Ride, Metal Jukebox, Better Than Raw, Treasure Chest, Rabbit Don’t Come Easy, Keepers Pt 1, Keepers Pt 2 and Keepers – The Legacy. I’m missing a few of the albums in between but that’s ok. He has most of it anyway.

I may not listen to them as much I used to since I’ve moved on to heavier, edgier stuff but they will always be one of my favourites. I leave you with a video by them. May not be the best of the lot but he, I like it:

Forever And One

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