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Is It November Yet? Oh Wait, There’s Still Halloween!


It’s not like I want the time to fly by or anything like that. It’s just that the wait to start writing my NaNo Novel is just excruciating. I’m so ready to write but I’m afraid that if I wait too long and if I think about the plot too much, when I sit down to write on the 1st of November, everything will fly away and leave me with nothing.

Am I the only one who thinks that Halloween is cool, and not just because there’s candy? I’ve always liked anything and every thing to do with magic and supernatural. For a time, I wanted to be witch but was too chicken shit to go through with it.

I love that they show horror movies around this time of the year because I just lurve horror movies. Too many people have told me that they don’t watch horror movies because it scares the crap out of them. Isn’t that the whole point watching horror movies? To scare yourself silly? I find it very freeing actually. After all the screaming and the adrenalin rush while watching the movie, I feel very, very relaxed actually. Almost like a post-coital glow. Just without the sex. Besides, watching a horror movie with a date gives you opportunities to snuggle up for ‘protection’ all that other crap. Not that I wouldn’t turn down a chance to be in his arms. Ahem, right. Moving on.

I don’t have a favourite horror movie because if it’s got zombies, vampires, ghosts and werewolves in it, I’ll watch it and generally secretly like it even though I’ll diss it to anyone who will listen. Then I go back and watch it again. However, if it involves explicit torture scenes where they pull out the intestine inch by inch, before wrapping it around the victim’s neck and strangling them, take that as far away from me as possible. I can handle most bloody, gory scenes but Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the one with Jessica Beil, not the original version) pushed my tolerance to the limit. I spent most of the two hours staring at the Significant Other’s shirt. It was sick, dude! After that, I didn’t want to watch Saw or Hostel or Turistas or anything that involved sadistic torturing of people.

That aside, what’s your favourite horror movie?

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4 thoughts on “Is It November Yet? Oh Wait, There’s Still Halloween!

  1. Mine’s Suspiria, an Italian horror flick from the 70s.EW “said it had “the most vicious murder scene ever filmed.””I watched it as a kid. I might have been scarred for life because of it.Or maybe not.But it’s damned scary! I recommend it.

  2. I don’t have a favorite, I love watching them though… I just have to work at forgetting them afterwards. I have a vivid imagination and have great difficulty sleeping alone after a horror movie. I saw the previews for the new Stephan King movie (room 1408?) and the PREVIEW scared the heck out of me…)

  3. @moby: I’ve heard about this movie. Seems interesting. Do you think we can get it here?@leaf: I saw the previews for 1408 too. I didn’t manage to catch it when they were playing it here. I’d watch it just because John Cusack is in it.

  4. Hmm.. I have to say that I didn’t like the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre as much as the original… and if that movie creeped you out, I definitely would not recommend watching Hostel II – that movie was so gruesome you feel unwashed and tainted by moral depravity just by watching through the whole thing… eeeechhhhhh.