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Of Email Clients And Shoes

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Sometime today, I decided to try consolidating all my emails from the different addresses to one client, so I downloaded Thunderbird. However, it kept timing out from the Gmail server so I switched to using Entourage instead. Seems to be working but the rules don’t seem to work that well but that’s ok, I’ll work on it when I’m not superbly tired like I am right now.

I finally decided on the sneakers that I’ve been eyeing on for the past few months.

The shoes came with the normal white laces as well as a pair of velvety, purple ribbon laces which I didn’t like that much. That’s the reason why I replaced it with the thicker, purpler laces. I think it adds a splash of colour to the shoes and it looks somewhat funky, but then, I may also be breaking some unknown fashion rule. Oh, I don’t really care since I know that I will never be a fashionista. I think they’re nice so that’s all that matters

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One thought on “Of Email Clients And Shoes

  1. I tried the same thing last weekend. In the end gave up, and ended using Thunderbird just to send email and read RSS feeds.