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I Wish I Didn’t Have To Be Here

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I'm back at work today. Dammit! The pile of paperwork that lay on my table when I came in made me want to turn back and go home but well, I couldn't. On top of that, those damn cells aren't growing enough so that means my schedule is pushed back and also means that I may have to come in during the weekends, which I hate with such passion.

At least, I get to drink my Earl Grey. Oh how I've missed the scent of bergamot wafting from my slightly sweet tea. No one else in the house loves it as much a I do, so the only place where I can enjoy my tea in peace is in the office.

Enough about work, lets talk about the movie I saw yesterday, Now I Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. Initially, I didn't really want to watch it because it didn't interest me but like LoTR, I'm glad I did watch it. Though it may never inspire the kind of obsession that LoTR does to me, it was still a good movie. It was hilarious and generally, there isn't a single Adam Sandler movie that I didn't like. Adam Sandler looked like he didn't sleep for a year but it could have just been him getting old. I loved Jessica Biel's hair and I wish that my hair was like that; straight and so tameable. I envied her body of course but then, I don't have the moolah to get a personal trainer and the time to actually train as much as she does.

Anyway, it's a funny, funny movie that's really fun to watch. The best part is that due to the ratings, there weren't any kids screaming and running up and down the aisle. It may not be something that I would by for my DVD collection (you know, homophobic family members and all that) but I'd definitely recommend it to anyone in need of a good laugh.


One thought on “I Wish I Didn’t Have To Be Here

  1. Yeap yeap, “I pronounce you chuck and larry” is good. In fact, any movie with Adam Sandler is good. 😀