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Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Is It True That The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach?

It’s Monday. You know, the first day of the week? The day that people usually start work but I’m at home! I took the day off because well, The Significant Other is coming. We’re mostly out of the dishes that is specially prepared for Eid so I had to cook something else on the fly. I have to feed the man something right?

I’m already nervous enough having him coming over, add him tasting my cooking and you have a full blown butterfly party in the tummy. I know, it’s not like he hasn’t been over an tasted my cooking before but that doesn’t make me any less nervous. His opinion on my cooking really matters to me because I have this secret fear (well, not so secret now) that no one will want me because I can’t cook. I think I can cook but still, I need reassurance. I’m insecure like that.

I’m sure I’ve said it many a time that I love cooking but I’m not sure if you, the Internet, knows that I don’t generally eat my own cooking. It’s not because they’re inedible but more that once I’ve had a fill of all the fumes from cooking, I just don’t feel like eating it anymore. Apparently it’s a common thing that occurs to almost everyone who cooks.

Anyway, I have the chicken soup thing boiling on the stove, the rice cakes all boiled and the potato patties left to fry. Everything seems in order, I guess. I hope. All I need to do now is hit the showers, get ready and wait for him to come.

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