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Where Have All The Good Stuff Gone?


During the first week of Eid, there’s supposed to be the best of the best of movies and other shows to celebrate this joyous occasion. However, it’s onto the second day and I’ve had to suffer through a very lame teenage movie, a stupid sitcom, stupider telemovie and various repeats from previous years. What happened to all the good stuff? The only decent movie that they’re showing would be Mukhsin but I’ve already watched that one and I even have it on video. Sigh…

The only channel that has some good movies is the Malaysian cable channel. Everything else is just crap. Maybe I feel this way because I haven’t been able to catch most of the TV stuff since I’ve been busy with the visiting of the grandmother and other things but still, I stand by my opinion that this year, most of the TV shows for Eid really sucks.

You know what, I think that even the movies at the cinema isn’t that great either. Seriously, where’s all the good stuff? Where have all the good stuff gone? How I miss those days when I could watch a movie almost every other day because there were so many shows to watch. I want vampires, zombies and other creatures from horror movies. They should bring all that back and less of the romantic comedies/drama type movies.

Anyway, The Significant Other has been the bestest ever for bringing back the second season of Supernatural for me. Woohoo! I can’t wait to watch Dean!! OMG DEAN!!!! the episodes. How I love that show. Cute/hot guys with a sexy black car. What more can you ask for?

PS: Is the new Adam Sandler movie, Chuck & Larry that good?

PSS: Any other suggestions for movie watching this week?

PSSS: What with all the post-script things?

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3 thoughts on “Where Have All The Good Stuff Gone?

  1. Chuck and Larry is quite good, I got a good giggle out of it. And OMG DEAN! I KNOW!!! So what exactly is Eid??

  2. Eid is the day that Muslims celebrate after a whole month of fasting. There’s another Eid we celebrate for the pilgrimage to Mecca but this current Eid, is for the fasting month.

  3. Oh cool, so that’s why you’re doing all the baking and stuff…