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Why I’m Still Awake at 1am


Rugby. Only rugby (or something really, really good on TV) can make we stay up so late when I’m usually asleep by 11pm. It’s the delayed telecast of the Australia vs England quarter finals game and I’ve never seen so much blood on the pitch until this one. Players on both sides were bleeding every where with various injuries but they still kept on playing. Tempers flared and the points were very close. Unlike the 2003 Rugby Wold Cup Finals, there aren’t that many drop goal kicks, which I appreciate very much because too many drop kicks takes the fun out of watching rugby.

Anyway, I cheated and checked out the scores before ten minutes into watching the games since I couldn’t take the suspense and what do I find? England beat Australia 12-10. I was so disappointed because I was rooting for the Wallabies to win. I really wanted to see Australia go against the All Blacks in the finals but it wasn’t meant to be. Now, all I want is for someone to bloody Johnny Wilkinson’s pretty face. He scored most of the penalty kicks which gave them the win. Bitter much?

Then, there’s the New Zealand vs France game at 2.30am and it’ll be LIVE so I’m going to stay up for that. I can have my early morning meal and go to bed once the match ends. I’m rooting for the All Blacks but I think the French wouldn’t make it easy for them. Being the host country, they’re going to be trying they’re very best to not disappoint their supporters. I hope Chabal will be playing. . . I just checked the match line up and Chabal is one of the replacements. Woot! It’s going to be one interesting game.

Is it strange that a female should like rugby as much as I do? Most of the females who are into sports are usually into soccer. I’ve yet to me one who loves rugby as much as I do. Well as much as my sisters, cousin and I do anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Why I’m Still Awake at 1am

  1. Did you watch the NZ vs France game? I did, but it wasn’t by my choosing. I got dragged out to see it by the boy, and napped on him after I realised that it wasn’t the final. He gave me the weirdest look when I told him I thought it was the final… I don’t follow rugby, and it makes me a trator to NZ!

  2. I did watch the NZ game and was so totally disappointed when they lost by two points.