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On Cooking, Baking And Other Kitchen Related Things

So, I was supposed to start my baking today but due to the spring cleaning of the store room, when I lay down on my bed to rest, I fell asleep for most of the day. So yeah, no baking today. How ever, tomorrow I have to start the baking for I will be busy this coming week.

Once again, I’ll be making Honey Joys, Cornflakes Macaroon and Chocolate chip cookies. I know, I know, I make them every single year but they are relatively easy to make and relatively bungle-proof. That’s the most important part and also, I’m rather short on time.

I’ve mentioned before that I love cooking, though my baking isn’t really up to par since I only bake at least twice a year, and every year I lament the fact that I don’t have a good mixer. Every time I pass by the kitchen appliances section at the mall, I practically salivate at the sight of the mixers, the juicers, the pot and pans, and OMG the knives! *dreamy sigh* I love being in the kitchen with the right tools.

Seriously speaking, I think that everyone should learn how to cook because not only is it a good skill to have and also, it’s therapeutic. You can take out all your frustrations on the dough that you’re kneading or even the piece of me that you’re tenderising with the mallet, and at the end of it you get a wonderfully cooked meal. Nice, no?

PS: I’ll post up the recipe/pictures when I’m done with the backing.

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