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The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

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The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

Remember Internets, today is the Great Mofo Delurk 2007. Make sure you go out and leave a comment at every blog you read.

* * *

Anyway, it’s the 21st day of Ramadan (where did the time go?) and I have yet to start baking. In previous years, I would have already started my baking on the second weekend of the month. I would even take a few days off and go into a baking frenzy like no other. However, this is different. Due to some familial difficulties, I don’t have as much leave as I did last year, so baking had to take a back seat to other real life issues.

Actually, I have not decided on what to bake this year either. My grandmother said not to bake too much but then, if I make small batches, everyone will ask how come they didn’t get their share this year (I’m the unofficial baking elf for the entire clan every Eid). That would make me feel bad and I don’t like feeling bad.

Here are some choices that I’m thinking of:

  • Chocolate Chip cookies
  • Macaroons with cornflakes and choc chips
  • Mini fruit cakes
  • Mini heart-shaped chocolate muffins
  • Marble cakes
  • Sugee cookies
  • Sarang Semut cookies (or literately translated, ant’s nest) – actually tastes better than how it sounds
  • Pineapple tarts
  • Butter Cookies
  • Actually, the above are cookies/cakes that I would usually bake for Eid but due to the time constraints this year, I can only choose four. So, here’s what I want you, the internet, to do. Help me choose four items out of the list and I’ll bake them. Though don’t be expecting any from me because international postage isn’t cheap. Just feel satisfied that you’re helped me out of this problem. How about that?

    Okay, cast your votes now.

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    One thought on “The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

    1. Wow. Personally I think you should make all of them. In a pinch though Chocolate Chip cookies are a classic, and EASY, Mini fruit cakes because fruitcake sounds oh so healthy, Mini heart-shaped chocolate muffins, because awwwww! And Sarang Semut cookies sound REALLY interesting… But that’s just me!