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De-lurk People!

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Schmutzie of Milk Money Or Not was lamenting the dearth of comments in her blog and it just hit me how lonely this blog is. No one ever comments here. Once in a blue moon, I’d have a comment but that’s it. You lurkers don’t seem to appreciate me at all.

I know, I know. I’m not the best blogger around and in fact, I’ll admit that I not that good actually. I know that I regularly butcher the English language with the numerous spelling mistakes (even after using spell check and re-reading the damn post) and the grammar usage problem. Despite reading as much as I do, I still make so many mistakes. So yeah, I totally understand why no one ever comments here.

Actually, I’m a big lurker to so that’s like the pot calling the kettle black (though I don’t think that adage can be used now since most kettles are electric and come in very nice shades of green and yellow, but I digress). It usually takes me a while to comment and also that it’s got to be a post that I can connect with. Maybe that’s the case here too.

Anyway, Schmutzie’s done these really cool buttons *points to the bright orange button on the right sidebar* for The Great Mofo Delurk Day 2007 on the 3rd of October. That’s next Wednesday, in case you didn’t know. So please come back on that day and delurk. I’m not saying that you can’t delurk today ’cause you can but you know, the official day is next week. So come back and leave me many, many comments ok?

PS: If you leave me comments today, I’d be very happy too.

PPS: Just a random question. Does anyone else out there who loves Justin Timberlake as much as I do?

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One thought on “De-lurk People!

  1. I do not share in the Timberlake love, but I’m delurking! I know it’s early, but I just had to let you know that I love that you’ve joined in.