Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

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Cubic Madness And Hairdos

A kind of madness swamped over the office sometime last week. A madness that proves that no matter how cool we are on the outside, we're as geeky as they come on the inside. Besides fellow scientists (and mathematicians), who else would really try to work out how to complete a Rubik's cube? One of the colleagues had a Rubik's cube on her desk and after everyone had a go at it, we all just had to have one of our own.

I had one of the cubes when I was much younger but I could only complete one face of the cube and then I'm stuck. Back then, it wasn't as easy as it is now to look for solutions to the puzzle and some Googling helped me find a few sites that could help. Even so, I think that would be cheating (though a little help now and again wouldn't be cheating right?) and I want to try to solve it by myself.

So I got a cube for myself today and as much as I want to start playing with it now, I still need to mess up the arrangement. One thing for sure, I'm not letting my sisters anywhere near it since the last time we had a Rubik's cube, they cheated and took off the stickers to complete the puzzle.

On other non-geeky news, my new 'do isn't as frizzy as yesterday since I was very generous with the various conditioners for coloured hair. However, you can't even tell that I went for a haircut since it's only shorter by two inches and the shape of the cut is relatively the same. Also, I think I might have lost the highlights but it could just be the lighting of the lift. I need to check on it again because you know, if it's gone, it's just money down the fucking drain.