Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Movie Galore. Or At Least I Hope So.

It’s been two months since my last movie and for a movie maniac like me, that’s a really long time. After Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, none of the other movies seem to catch my attention. The only one that I feel like watching would be Daywatch. The only reason that I might be watching this is due to the fact that you have supernaturals, vampires and werewolves in the movie. I didn’t even like the first movie that much but oh well, I’ll watch anything with vampires and werewolves in it.

So anyway, see that picture on top? *Points to the popcorn bucket* I finally got around to collecting my GV membership card. Free registration, priority seating, free SMS notification and discounts at the concession stand. Ain’t that cool? Besides, I think that GV has the most user-friendly online booking system (that is, as long as you’re not trying to book for LoTR tickets since you know, it’s all jammed up).

I’m actually looking forward to watching more movies since like I said, it’s been a while since the last movie.

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De-lurk People!

Schmutzie of Milk Money Or Not was lamenting the dearth of comments in her blog and it just hit me how lonely this blog is. No one ever comments here. Once in a blue moon, I’d have a comment but that’s it. You lurkers don’t seem to appreciate me at all.

I know, I know. I’m not the best blogger around and in fact, I’ll admit that I not that good actually. I know that I regularly butcher the English language with the numerous spelling mistakes (even after using spell check and re-reading the damn post) and the grammar usage problem. Despite reading as much as I do, I still make so many mistakes. So yeah, I totally understand why no one ever comments here.

Actually, I’m a big lurker to so that’s like the pot calling the kettle black (though I don’t think that adage can be used now since most kettles are electric and come in very nice shades of green and yellow, but I digress). It usually takes me a while to comment and also that it’s got to be a post that I can connect with. Maybe that’s the case here too.

Anyway, Schmutzie’s done these really cool buttons *points to the bright orange button on the right sidebar* for The Great Mofo Delurk Day 2007 on the 3rd of October. That’s next Wednesday, in case you didn’t know. So please come back on that day and delurk. I’m not saying that you can’t delurk today ’cause you can but you know, the official day is next week. So come back and leave me many, many comments ok?

PS: If you leave me comments today, I’d be very happy too.

PPS: Just a random question. Does anyone else out there who loves Justin Timberlake as much as I do?

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Hey Look! It’s The 300th Post!

Wow! Look at that! 300 posts after being on this platform for a year and a half. Ok, so it’s not as many as other bloggers but hey, I never said I was a power blogger in the first place.

Did you know that Evanescence is labelled under the Metal genre in the iPod? Neither did I until was flipping through it earlier today. Apparently, their first album goes under the Rock genre while their second album is supposed to be metal. However, they don’t sound like any metal band that I’ve listened to but then, what do I know. I’m not a metal aficionado.

Registrations for NaNoWriMo starts on Monday, 1st October and I’m planning to try it out again this year. I really hope that I get to finish the novel this year, or at least reach 30,000 words. I didn’t manage to complete my novels the past two years. At least last year, I wrote more than the year before that. Some of my friends have been asking for last year’s novel because they said that after the teaser I gave them last year, I have to give them what ever I’ve written and also because they’re perverts. What started out as a normal romance novel with h0t s3x ended up jumping the shark and changed genres to written pr0n erotica. You see why I’m hesitant to let them read it? I don’t want to sully their (not very) innocent minds any more than I should. Besides, sharing that pr0n with them during this month may not be such a good idea.

It’s the 14th day of Ramadan. How time flies! It’s been two weeks since we started fasting but it feels just like yesterday that I was preparing for this wonderful month. These past two weeks have been relatively alright. I haven’t lost my temper and I hope to keep it that way. I’m learning to be more patient and I hope that what ever I’ve learnt this month will stay with me even after this month ends. Also, I can’t wait for the radio to start playing Eid songs because nothing is better than listening to Eid songs when you’ve had a bad day. It makes me happy.

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Cubic Madness And Hairdos

A kind of madness swamped over the office sometime last week. A madness that proves that no matter how cool we are on the outside, we're as geeky as they come on the inside. Besides fellow scientists (and mathematicians), who else would really try to work out how to complete a Rubik's cube? One of the colleagues had a Rubik's cube on her desk and after everyone had a go at it, we all just had to have one of our own.

I had one of the cubes when I was much younger but I could only complete one face of the cube and then I'm stuck. Back then, it wasn't as easy as it is now to look for solutions to the puzzle and some Googling helped me find a few sites that could help. Even so, I think that would be cheating (though a little help now and again wouldn't be cheating right?) and I want to try to solve it by myself.

So I got a cube for myself today and as much as I want to start playing with it now, I still need to mess up the arrangement. One thing for sure, I'm not letting my sisters anywhere near it since the last time we had a Rubik's cube, they cheated and took off the stickers to complete the puzzle.

On other non-geeky news, my new 'do isn't as frizzy as yesterday since I was very generous with the various conditioners for coloured hair. However, you can't even tell that I went for a haircut since it's only shorter by two inches and the shape of the cut is relatively the same. Also, I think I might have lost the highlights but it could just be the lighting of the lift. I need to check on it again because you know, if it's gone, it's just money down the fucking drain.

Because I’m A Bored Geek

Over the weekend, I’ve been learning how to use HTML and CSS through the tutorials at HTML Dog. You might be wondering how the hell I’ve been editing the blog if I’m only now learning HTML. Actually, I only know the barest of basic HTML; just enough so that I can edit the template into something I want.

Everything I’ve learned so far (before going through the tutorials that is) have been learnt on the fly. I could decipher a little bit of where the tags are supposed to go and what they do but CSS remained a mystery to me. Besides, ultimately, I want to be able to make my own templates. So that’s where the tutorials come in.

I’m half way through the intermediate HTML tutorials and so far, it’s been rather easy to follow. The instructions are straight forward and helpful. Having some knowledge of HTML, no matter how little, also helps. I found that CSS isn’t as difficult as I used to think but that doesn’t mean that I can create a template anytime soon. Besides, I have no idea how to use PhotoShop. My education is incomplete like that.

On top of learning how to use HTML and CSS, I figured out how to use my text edit for web page building on Althie. It took some fiddling around but it’s all good. All I need now (besides finishing my tutorial) is to figure out how my new layout should be. I’m not artistic or even great in using Photoshop, so don’t expect any flashy and artsy layout.

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What Does One Do When One Is Somewhat Bored?

Go for a haircut. And what happens when you haven’t gone back to the same hairdresser in a long time? You find out that it’s gone out of business and have to find a new hairdresser.

I just went in for a trim and colour but I left with a trim, colour and treatment. Don’t ask me how much I spent at the hairdresser because I, myself, have yet to come to terms with it. I would post up pictures of the new do but the hairdresser blow dried my hair straight so it’s not a representative of what my hair would normally look like since my hair is actually wavy. So there most probably won’t be any pictures until much later. That is, if i feel like it.

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