Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

I’ve Gone Over To The Dark Side

Not only because they have cookies but also, they’re aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t need so many updates. Too cryptic? Okay, how about this, I got myself a MacBook today!

Windows screwed with my laptop and it’s been hobbling on two broken legs that didn’t heal well, punctured spleen that was almost fatal and a concussion, ever since that fiasco. I don’t think I can handle it if I have to go through another episode of that. I thought long and hard about this and I finally went through with it.

I present to you Althulus. Althie for short.

I haven’t installed anything and have yet to set up the Internet connection because I’m inept like that. Give me a complicated scientific equipment and I can handle that anytime but ask me to the set up the Internet connection and install software, I’ll only end up staring at it like it’s going to eat me. That’s why I need IT people. makes you wonder if I can actually handle the Mac.

Anyway, I’m going to play around with Althie’s programmes and see how it goes. Once everything is set, I can get my Firefox and get all my stuff over. Too bad you can’t transfer the data through Fire Wire.

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